We’re the photographers that make working with us feel more like a double date (perks of being a husband/wife team, FO REAL!) than an awkward encounter with two strangers shoving a camera in your face.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's make sure you actually want to hang out with us first ;) »

We guide you through an experience while shooting with us that allows room for you to fall even more in love and make memories that have absolutely nothing at all to do with being in front of the camera (because we will make you forget it’s even there).
I guarantee you this bride and groom right over here on the left had NO idea we were even in the room at all in that moment!

We aren’t going to pose you into a pretzel-like pose that looks absolutely breathtaking and perfect from the outside, but has you so focused on not.moving.a.single.inch for fear of breaking the pose that you don’t even notice the adoring look your fiancé is giving you. We want to give you room to have butterflies with every stolen glance, adoring look, or quirky inside joke that is shared just between the two of you. We want you to leave knowing each other more intimately and feeling more connected than you did before you arrived. And we’ll be there to capture every second of that (for real, we click fast-like rapid-fire ninjas ;) frame by frame to preserve as a piece of your legacy and take you back to those moments.

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…these little moments are the FOUNDATION of your love story.

Every love story is different. DUH. I know, I know, could we be more cliché? ;) Buuut, we want to highlight this because something that we believe very strongly is that the little moments-the way he squeezes your hand, how you playfully (or maybe not so playfully? ;) slap him every time he makes an inappropriate joke (or maybe this is just us?!), the way you belt out the lyrics to your favorite songs together in the car so off tune that it would horrify anyone listening (also just us?! okay, cool.)…these little moments are the FOUNDATION of your love story. And you deserve to have those seemingly tiny moments captured so that you can look back in 50 years and laugh and reminisce on all of those little moments that made up your everyday life in that season that might fade away otherwise with time. Because you’ll realize that those little moments are actually some of the most important moments that mean the very most.

Because of this, we photograph in a way that ensures that every couple doesn’t get cookie cutter images that look exactly like the last couple…and the one before that…and the one before that…you get the point. We aren’t a cookie cutter couple and we definitely don’t have a cookie cutter love story (we met at Chick fil A and we got engaged after 6 months of dating, typical? probably not.) and we’re going to assume that you probably don’t, either. (Because really, who does?!) We pride ourselves in posing couples in ways that are authentic to them. We will never put you in front of our cameras and say “just be natural!”, we pinky promise! ;) We have trained ourselves over years of time to notice moments that others overlook. The in between moments. The little moments. The moments that matter most. And we want to capture those moments for you.