We believe in capturing the fullness of your moments vs. just a glimpse into them

When it comes to your wedding photos, your hand-squeeze during speeches is just as important as your first look. Your mom tearing up during your ceremony is just as special as your first kiss. You deserve to re-live the candid moments because they are just as important as the expected ones.
We capture it all.

We guide you through an experience while working with us that allows you to feel taken care of every step of the way. A few examples of what this looks like for you:

We send questionnaires, timeline tips, help you create a family portrait list, and offer vendor referrals before your wedding day. This ensures that everything moves smoothly and that we are able to capture all of the images that you've been dreaming of.

On your wedding day, KyAnn takes care of capturing all of your must-have wedding photos and formal portraits. Mat focuses on making you both feel comfortable so that we can capture those candid photos of your relationship while you feel relaxed and natural as well as capturing the little in-between moments with your loved ones throughout the day.

We send every couple sneak peeks from their wedding within 48 hours-we'll make sure you're all set for your official social media update asap! You will receive your FULL wedding gallery within 4-6 weeks. Every wedding collection comes with an online gallery so that anyone you want to have access from Mom to Grandma to your old friends from high school can easily view and download the photos.

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…these little moments are the FOUNDATION of your love story.

Every love story is different. DUH. I know, I know, could we be more cliché? ;) Buuut, we want to highlight this because something that we believe very strongly is that the little moments-the way he squeezes your hand, how you playfully (or maybe not so playfully? ;) slap him every time he makes an inappropriate joke (or maybe this is just us?!), the way you belt out the lyrics to your favorite songs together in the car so off tune that it would horrify anyone listening (also just us?! okay, cool.)…these little moments are the FOUNDATION of your love story. And you deserve to have those seemingly tiny moments captured so that you can look back in 50 years and laugh and reminisce on all of those little moments that made up your everyday life in that season that might fade away otherwise with time. Because you’ll realize that those little moments are actually some of the most important moments that mean the very most.

Because of this, we photograph in a way that ensures that every couple doesn’t get cookie cutter images that look exactly like the last couple…and the one before that…and the one before that…you get the point. We aren’t a cookie cutter couple and we definitely don’t have a cookie cutter love story (we met at Chick fil A and we got engaged after 6 months of dating, typical? probably not.) and we’re going to assume that you probably don’t, either. (Because really, who does?!) We pride ourselves in posing couples in ways that are authentic to them. We will never put you in front of our cameras and say “just be natural!”, we pinky promise! ;) We have trained ourselves over years of time to notice moments that others overlook. The in between moments. The little moments. The moments that matter most. And we want to capture those moments for you.